The summer leadership program is a volunteer internship at Victory Camp. Interns have the opportunity to assist the staff in activity areas, ministry in services, meal prep and clean up, maintaining camp facilities and working in the concessions areas. This is a great chance to gain valuable work skills and experience, while helping make a difference in a child’s life. This is an excellent way to utilize and sharpen your leadership skills. Terms range from one to nine weeks. There is no charge to participate in the SLP and interns are provided with room and board during their term.


Who are we looking for?

Young people who have a desire to help and serve others. Those who are willing to work together with a team of students their own age and are seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ. Students who want to practice and improve their leadership skills.

What is our WHY?

SLP is a great step to developing your leadership skills. If you feel like God is calling you to do something more with your life, to make a difference, to be a world changer – this is a great way to get started. Being part of a team of other young people, learning work skills, and helping others are all game changers for today’s students.

SLP is also a great way to earn honor society service hours and to gain experiences that colleges and future employers are seeking.


Being a part of this amazing group of student leaders will grow your skills and help you stretch your potential as a leader. Summer Internships at Victory Camp are an amazing opportunity to not only make a difference but BE different.

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