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If you’re ready to move beyond the typical, being a CIT is the way to start. This first step in your leadership journey is all about helping others, discovering your strengths, and growing in your faith.

CITS are young people who have a serious desire to be a blessing and to help others. Primarily they assist the camp counselors with their group of campers but CITs also get to help out at the activity areas and learn about the behind the scenes operations. Being a CIT is your first step to being involved in the Leadership Program and becoming a Summer Staff Member at Victory Camp.

CITS learn to help and serve others and to work as part of a team. They help counselors shepherd campers to their activities, assist with crafts and games, and lend a hand to our littlest campers with their meal trays and drinks. Every counselor wants a great CIT for their team!


Who are we looking for?

CITs are usually jr. high students who are looking to make a big impact on their world. They are ready to take on responsibilities and have the maturity needed to serve others on a team.

What’s the WHY?

Students who get involved at a young age have a greater capacity to learn and grow throughout their formative years. Being a CIT offers a good foundation for learning about being kind to others, taking responsibility, and being a good example. Being a CIT is a great place to find where you belong and to help develop good habits both physically and spiritually to help students grow.

Discover Your Strengths

Being a CIT is a great way to gain experience in all sorts of camp areas. This is a fantastic way to discover your strengths, gain new skills and explore opportunities in a fun, Christian environment.

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